Utilize Commissioner Tools


Our Vision
Train and avail every commissioner to utilize this system on a monthly basis.


Illowa Council Commissioners’ Strategic Objectives & Goals


Objective I: Train commissioners to utilize the system.


            Strategies to Achieve the Objective:

  • Make commissioners aware of the new system’s version.
  • Make available to commissioners, “The Commissioner” newsletter as available.


Specific Goals:

  1. Train commissioners how to use. [September 2014]
  2. Communicate updates as available at CC and DC meetings. [Monthly]
  3. Administrative commissioners communicate use to commissioners. [Monthly]



Objective II: Ensure that commissioners make unit contacts and complete entries as dictated by National.


            Strategies to Achieve the Objective:

  • Communicate use to commissioners, by district, who is utilizing the system.
  • Ensure entries are made before end of each 2 month period.
  • Removed line reading…Note that a late entry is better than none.


Specific Goals:

  1. Make commissioners aware that this system is the only way to communicate monthly unit contacts. [August 2014]
  2. Administrative commissioners communicate its use to commissioners. [Monthly]