The most popular career fields highlighted in Law Enforcement Exploring programs include:

  • City, County and State law enforcement officers
  • Federal law enforcement officers and Special Agents
  • U.S. Military Police officers and Investigators/Special Agents
  • Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, Forensic Laboratory Specialists and other vital support specialists

Through participation in the program Explorers will develop:

  • Knowledge about the mission and purpose of law enforcement
  • Experience about law enforcement operations through training, practical experience, competitions and other activities
  • Teamwork and leadership skills

You will learn:

  • Law enforcement procedures and protocols
  • The importance of the rule of law in a free and democratic society
  • Respect for diversity, human dignity and civil rights in the application of law enforcement operations

You will have an opportunity to participate in:

  • National Law Enforcement Conferences and National Law Enforcement Exploring Leadership Academies
  • National Law Enforcement Exploring Pistol Shooting Championship
  • Post sponsored basic, advanced and specialized law enforcement training programs
  • Local, state and regional training programs, conferences and competitive events sponsored by certified Law Enforcement Exploring Associations
  • Post sponsored Ride-Along programs in patrol cars and other police conveyance operations such as Marine Patrols and Bike Policing

You will have an opportunity to network with:

  • Law Enforcement Explorers across the country and in some cases with young adults in programs similar to Law Enforcement Exploring sponsored by foreign police agencies
  • Law enforcement professionals from local, county, state, federal and military organizations
  • Judges, prosecutors and other professionals involved with the criminal justice system
  • Community leaders, representatives from private and public community organizations, and instructors and professors from educational institutions that offer criminal justice and related programs

Law Enforcement Exploring will provide you with the following benefits:

  •  Career oriented training, practical experiences and competitions
  • Personal growth through development of interpersonal skills, leadership opportunities and teamwork
  • Community service and networking activities
  • Preparation for career related college degree programs and other advanced education opportunities