Family Level:

Friends who donate $175 receive the "Cheerful" Patch available only to 2014 donors;

Leadership Level:

Friends who donate $250 receive this knife engraved with "Prepared. For Life." on the blade.

Life Level:

Friends who donate $500 choose from one of the numbered prints by Darrell Bush and Jerry Raedeke shown below.

 "Time Flies" by Darrell Bush
Dimensions 17 1/4" L x 36" H


"Moonlight Companions" by Jerry Raedeke
Dimensions 28 5/8" L x 22 3/8" H

Unit Level:

Units that complete the following three requirements will receive a $10 per-Scout discount for Summer Camp at Camp Loud Thunder, Cub Scout Day Camp, Webelos Camp, or Family Camp Registration.


Schedule your Family Friends of Scouting Presentation for some time in January - March 2014 with the District;


Have 75% of you families participate by turning in a pledge card by April 15, 2014. (Pledge cards with $0.00 or "No, thank you," on the card will count toward this goal.);


Raise funds to meet your Unit's Family FOS Goal by April 15th, 2014.