National Medal for Outdoor Achievement


To recognize Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts who excel in outdoor participation; there are five areas of emphasis (camping, aquatics, hiking, riding, and education) with rigorous requirements to earn each segment; earn the national medal by completing at least three badges, planning and leading a trek, completing wilderness first aid, and becoming a Leave No Trace trainer.

Who Can Earn This Award?

Earned by Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts.

How To Get the Award

Purchase from Scout shop.

Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement

Base patch with five segments; gold and silver devices may be added to badges for additional work.

Supply/BIN Item Number

Emblem, No. 610687; medal, No. 610646; silver device, No. 610644; gold device, No. 610643; Riding segment, No. 610682; Hiking segment, No. 610683; Camping segment, No. 610684; Aquatics segment, No. 610685; Adventure segment, No. 610686

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