Historical Merit Badge University of Scouting Session Guide

A session guide for University of Scouting, roundtables, and other training venues


The purpose of this unit of supplemental training is to inform Scout leaders of the purpose of the Historical Merit Badge program and help them consider ways that it can be implemented in their council, district, or unit.


It is recommended that someone from the council or district advancement committee and an older Boy Scout or Venturer present the training session as a team.

Time Allotted

60 minutes

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • List the four historical merit badges.
  • Locate potential merit badge counselors for the four historical merit badges.
  • Identify potential venues for a district or council activity that emphasizes the historical merit badges.
  • Plan camporee activities for each of the four historical merit badges.

Required Materials

Chalkboard and chalk, or whiteboard or easel pad and markers

  • Copies of historical merit badge requirements
  • Copies of group assignment “Planning a District Camporee”
  • Optional: samples of historical merit badges for display

Training Outline

  1. Purpose of the 2010 Historical Merit Badge program (5 minutes)
  2. Overview of historical merit badge requirements (5 minutes)
  3. Securing merit badge counselors (10 minutes)
  4. Merit badge venues (15 minutes)
  5. Planning a district camporee (25 minutes)