Boy Scouts

Boy Scouting is learning by discovery and discovery by doing.

Designed for boys 11-17 years old; It’s high adventure and serious fun where skills are learned, confidence built, and stories born. A Boy Scout who experiences teamwork while rock climbing comes home stronger. A Boy Scout who learns how to find his way in a forest or around a camera has lifelong skills. And a Boy Scout who becomes a leader already knows more than most. This is Boy Scouting. Boy Scouts Meet Here.

What can Boy Scouts do?

  • Summit a mountain
  • Camp in the desert
  • Hit the lake waterskiing
  • Fly-fish on a river
  • Nail a target with a .22
  • Find your way with the stars
  • Film a movie on a set
  • Make a splint in the wild
  • Mountain bike a single track
  • Learn how to save a buddy’s life
  • Master the rapids in a kayak
  • Drive a ball down a fairway
  • Fix a car
  • Backpack in the backcountry
  • Hot-forge your own design
  • Excavate an archaeological site
  • Start your own business
  • Fire a kiln
  • Grab serious air in a halfpipe
  • Create a chemical reaction in a lab
  • Discover your ancestors