Program Literature

These informational resources are provided to assist you in your role as a parent of a troop member.

Scouting Safely

The Boy Scouts of America has nearly a century of experience conducting high-adventure outdoor activities in a manner that is safe for all participants. A wealth of resources and information are provided to enable adult leaders and youth to help us maintain our impeccable safety record.

Age Appropriate Guidelines

View a chart showing age-appropriate guidelines for Scouting activities.

The Building Blocks of Safe Scouting

Scouting is based on life skills education, leadership development, citizenship, and values training. Its unique methods of program presentation are designed to help build youth with strong character who are physically fit and prepared to be good citizens.

BSA Insignia Guide

The BSA Insignia Guide presents detailed information to enable our members to wear the correct complete uniform on all suitable occasions.

Boy Scout Requirements

Boy Scouting provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps in overcoming them through the advancement method. The steps in the advancement system help Boy Scouts to grow in self-reliance and in their ability to help others.

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts

Ensure that Scouts present themselves properly dressed in their uniforms.

Boys' Life magazine

Scouts read Boys' Life magazine. Look for the regular score of fiction, comics, jokes, Scouts in Action, Gifts and Gimmicks and more in the latest issue of Boys' Life!

Wilderness Use Policy

In order to minimize human impact on fragile ecosystems, the Boy Scouts of America emphasizes these practices for all troops, teams, and crews planning to use wilderness areas.

Guide to Safe Scouting

The Guide to Safe Scouting can help you to plan your unit activities in a safe and prudent manner that's consistent with the policies of the BSA.

Passport to High Adventure

This guide is designed to help Scouts and adult leaders work together to plan and safely carry out high-adventure treks.

Climb on Safely

Climb On Safely is the Boy Scouts of America's recommended procedure for organizing BSA climbing/rappelling activities at a natural site or a specifically designed facility such as a climbing wall or tower.

Conservation Good Turn

Scouts have rendered distinguished public service by helping to conserve wildlife, energy, forests, soil, and water. Past generations of Scouts have been widely recognized for undertaking conservation Good Turn action projects in their local communities.

Keep America Beautiful

The Hometown U.S.A. Award is a joint program between Keep America Beautiful Inc. (KAB) and the Boy Scouts of America. It is designed to give recognition to the outstanding efforts of Scouts in their communities in regard to citizenship and environmental improvement.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is an awareness of our impact on the environment that teaches us to respect the rights of other users of the outdoors as well as future generations.

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

An exciting new program where young men enhance their leadership skills in the Philmont Backcountry. Scouts will expand upon the team building and ethical decision making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).

Patrol Plus

Patrols are the building blocks to a strong, well-run troop. To build up your troop, add a patrol or two, and watch what can happen.

Duities of Chaplain Aides and Chaplains

This information will help you discover the duties, responsibilities, and opportunities of chaplain service in Boy Scout troops.