Pack Planning Resources

As you gear up for another great season of Cub Scouting, here are some of the basic documents you’ll need to run your Cub Scout pack smoothly. We’ve scanned all of our Cub Scouting resources looking for the most pertinent items, then added some notes of our own. You can quickly see what these documents contain without having to open each one.

Note that these are Adobe Portable Document files (.PDF), which you can print directly or send out for professional printing. Many of these are readily available and can be ordered through your district executive at no charge. In your order, please refer to them by name and number.

Highly Recommended:

Cub Scout Parent Information Guide, No. 520-259
This is an attractive, colorful piece you’ll want to put into the hands of each new and returning Cub Scout parent. It explains the program, stressing values and outcomes for boys, and shows how they can enjoy Scouting together.

Selecting Cub Scout Leadership, No. 510-500
This practical tool lays out the six steps to acquiring strong leaders and a form to help you work the process. (4 pages)

2009–2010 Program Planning Insert, No. 13-34409
This is an especially helpful item in the annual program planning conference. The core is a planning chart that gives an individual leader the big picture of how den meetings should fit into advancement and the full year’s calendar of activities. (8 pages)

Planning Your “Ideal Year of Cub Scouting” Program Budget, No. 510-273
A solid working document that breaks down the budget into 12 categories and shows how to build it back up into a tidy financial statement. (4 pages)

Pack Budget Template
This Microsoft Excel (.XLS) template speeds the process of building your own.

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines, No. 510-631
A lot of good ideas, packed into this small booklet, give a comprehensive view of outdoor Cub Scouting. A directory alerts the reader to more resources. This should be considered an essential part of program planning meetings. (8 pages)

Ideas for Connecting Core Values with Outdoor Activities, No. 510-097
This handy chart directly connects activities and values; very helpful for pack program planning. (3 pages)

Also helpful:

Cub Scout Pack Newsletter and Calendar Templates
A handy set of Microsoft Excel (.XLS) tools to help you or your publicity chairman communicate with the rest of the pack community. These have been pulled together for issues through 2010.

Outdoor Events for New Cub Scouts, No. 510-299
A simple but useful tool for what to think about when planning that major outdoor event; it comes with a sample agenda. (2 pages)

National Summertime Pack Award, No. 33748A
This sheet lists the requirements for this unit recognition, typically awarded in the fall, with an application form. (2 pages)

This Is Scouting, No. 511-003
A page promoting the new training video that replaces New Leader Essentials. This is a good handout for use at roundtables and basic training sessions.

Order of the Arrow Involvement in Cub Scouting, No. 510-069
This 2-page flier is a good handout, summarizing the case for OA involvement. Useful for program planning.