Camp Cards

The Camp Card initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to camp, whether it be district events, Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Boy Scout Summer Camp, or even a National High Adventure Base.

Units participating in the program will earn 50% commission for every card sold. The remaining will go to the Council in order to help make improvements to Camp Loud Thunder. The sale will begin March 17 and units will have until May 12 to close out their accounts.

The camp cards have tons of great discounts, making them worth many times the $5 investment. However, the value of the cards is not just in the number of GREAT DEALS, but in the fact that the sale of each card helps a Scout earn his way to summer camp or towards any other Scouting activity.

2017 Key Dates:

March 1st                  Preorder form due

March 17th               Camp Card Sale Begins!

April 18th                  Mid-sale report and re-distribution

May 12th                   Last day to turn in any unsold cards or outstanding funds

June 1st                     Units will lose 5% commission on unsettled accounts

Check out the great offers in your area.

North Card (Galesburg, Monmouth, and Stark County)

South Card (Macomb)



Units will earn a 50% ($2.50) commission for each card sold, and they will be able to pick up the camp cards a the beginning of the sale and return any unsold cards (in resalable condition) no later than May 12. The unit will be expected to pay in full by when cards are returned at the end of the sale. 

Sell Earn
What it could get you
 6 cards
 $15 District Event
 26 cards
 $65  Day Camp
 54 cards
 $135  Cub Resident Camp
 110 cards
 $275  Boy Scout Summer Camp
 580 cards
 $1450  Philmont Scout Ranch
 720 cards
 $1800  2017 Jamboree
 796 cards
 Florida Sea Base

Units will lose 5% commission on June 1 for any unsettled unit accounts.