Inali District Committee

Monthly District Committee Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at United Methodist Church, 221 E. Broadway, Monmouth IL.

If you are interested in being a part of the District Committee or would like more information please contact the District Chairman below.

District Key 3

The District Key 3 consists of the district chairman, district commissioner, and district executive. These three crucial positions work together to define and serve the needs of the district.

District Chairman

A District Chairman leads the District and does the following:

- Identify and recruit enough of the right people as operating committee chairman

- Initiate plans and help committee chairman recruit an adequate number of members to carry out the functions of the district

- Plan (with the District Executive) and preside at District Committee meetings

- Work with the District Commissioner and District Executive to stimulate and to coordinate the work of the District, to ensure the success of the Scouting units

- In cooperation with the District Executive, ensure the completion of District Goals

- Represent the District on the Council Executive Board, once elected

- Recognize individuals, committees, and chartered organizations for their scouting accomplishments

- Support local and national Scouting policy, procedures, and practices

- Help secure support for Scouting from top community leaders throughout the District

- Annually appoint a district nominating committee to select nominees for district officers and district members at large 

Steve Pigg


 Vice District Chairman
Charlie Tanner Berry Witten

District Commissioner

- Identify and recruit enough of the right people as commissioners so that all Scouting units in the district receive regular, helpful service

- Train members of the commissioner staff

- Supervise and motivate unit commissioners to visit each unit regularly, identify unit needs, and make plans to meet unit needs

- Administer the annual commissioner service plan, which gives specific purposes for commissioner contact with units at designated times of the year

- Oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit reregisters on time and with optimum membership

- Guide roundtable commissioners to ensure that monthly roundtables are well-attended, and provide practical and exciting unit program ideas

- Plan and preside at monthly meetings of the District Commissioner staff

- Work with the District Chairman and District Executive to stimulate and coordinate the work of the district (the District Key 3)

- Help meet District Goals

- Represent the district as a member of the council commissioner cabinet

- Support local and national Scouting policy, procedures, and practices

- Attend district committee meetings to report on conditions of units and to secure specialized help for units


Bryan Reynolds



District Executive

- Provide professional coaching and guidance to unit volunteers

- Provide suggestions and answers to unit leaders with questions about the Boy Scouts of America program

- Maintain regular contact with the heads of Chartered Organizations

- Provide behind-the-scenes administrative skill

- Give inspiration and encouragement to unit and District level volunteers

- Arrange for the Council's office services such as mailings, meeting notices, and support materials

- Recruit District level volunteers to form the District Committee

- Assist District level volunteers in planning and carrying out District events such as training courses and activities


Allison Hupfer



District Committee:   

Advancement and Recognition Committee

- Help unit leaders establish and maintain proper advancement procedures in their units

- Monitor rank advancement progress throughout the year and identify those units with little or no advancement that may need special assistance

- Recruit and train an adequate group of merit badge counselors. Publish a current list of merit badge counselors

- Review and approve service project plans submitted by Eagle Scout candidates

- Participate in troop boards of review, or conduct district level boards of review for Eagle Scout candidates

- Consider and act on appeals from Eagle Scout candidates if their troop denies their application or turns them down at the board of review

- Recommend youth members or adult Scouters for special awards and recognition

- Provide physical facilities and experts in advancement fields that are difficult for units to secure


Advancement Committee Co-Chairs

Terry Mauer


Mark Anderson 



Camp Promotions and Outdoor Committee

- Promote unit participation in council camping opportunities. 

- Help select leaders and develop programs for District Cub Scout day camp, resident camp, and family camps.

- Work with commissioners to help Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Venturing Crews plan and carry out a year-round schedule of camping and outdoor program events.

- Give special guidance on the health and safety concerns of outdoor program activities.

- Promote the use of camperships for members with financial need.

- Working closely with its officers, guide the Order of the Arrow to help promote camping in the district.

Camp Promotions and Outdoor Committee Chair

Matt Reynolds "Spazz"

 Additional Committee Members
Chris Adams 

Training Committee

- Determine who needs training

- Build an annual training program

- Develop plans for specific courses

- Promote courses

- Provide training recognition

- Evaluate training

- Promote fast start training

Training Committee Chair
 Ray Majeres

Additional Committee Members

Dean Roberts


Finance Committee

- Obtain and understand the district's portion of funds to be raised toward the council budget

- Organize and carry out a successful Friends of Scouting annual campaign in the district, and meet the goal by the target date

- Assist the council in raising funds toward the "project selling" program

- Promote the council plan for endowment development

- Support and cultivate a cooperative relationship with the local United Way

- Implement council finance policies within the District

- Inform units of unit finance policies

- Support district activities that involve income and expense by assuring proper money management

- Provide recognition to donors along with information on how their dollars helped serve youth

Finance Committee Co-Chairs
 Community: Emmet Gonder   Family: Erin Von Kannon
 Additional Committee Members
 Larry Adams

Membership Committee

- Organize new Packs, Troops, and Crews

- Recruit and train organizers for units (new and reorganized)

- Cultivate interest of potential Chartered Organizations and community groups

- Work with District Commissioner and District Training staff to provide new units with personnel

Membership Committee Chair

Activities and Civic Service Committee

- Plans a well-balanced schedule of district events, and recruits teams to carry them out

- Decides how scouting can become involved in selected needs and interests of communities in the district.  Helps scouting units take part in community service projects.

- Promotes and assists with the planning of Council events.

- Promotes and carries out the District's share of national events.

- Conducts an annual poll of unit leaders to determine unit needs and wishes for district activities.

Activities Committee Chair
Jim Crowley

District Religious Emblems Coordinator

- Serve on Committee with Council RE Coordinator

- Disseminate information at Round Tables and educate units

- Encourage Unit Committees to set goals for the number of Religious Emblems that will be earned each year

- Recruit "Presenters" to make presentations on Religious Emblems on the local level

- Work with clergy of the Chartered Partners

- Post information on the council, district, or unit websites about Religious Emblems Classes being conducted in the District

Religious Emblems Chair 
 Additional Members at Large
 Kathy Mainz
Tom Moore
 Daniel Reck
Clinton Pedigo