Eagle Scout Court of Honor Resources

The Eagle Court of Honor Book by Mark Ray is a unique and useful book for Eagle Courts of Honor in that besides parts and complete ceremonies, it explains about what the parts are.  It also helps you plan out all the other functions that need support that you may not think of.  It also has a backdater so you know when you have to have things done and ready for the ceremony.

These are ceremonies from the Boy Scouts of America.  This includes ceremonies for more than Eagle.  It has them for every rank.


These are Eagle Ceremonies from the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)



The MacScouter's Eagle Court of Honor Handbook is one of the early publications of Eagle Ceremonies and includes much more.



The EagleScout.org site has been around a long time and also includes info on prep and planning.



The US Scouting Service Project is another good source



These provide a number of other sources