Mesquakie District Roundtable Meetings

 These meetings take place on the Second Thursday of the month at the

DeWitt Community Center from 7:00pm-8:00pm. 

ALL ADULTS involved with scouting are encouraged to attend



What are Roundtable Meetings?

Roundtable meetings are held to disseminate information and to help train Scout leaders. There is a half hour common information and announcement session at the beginning of Roundtable for ALL Scout leaders. Then Roundtable breaks into two or more sessions for about a half hour. At Roundtable there is often special sessions for adult training, Youth Protection training, Health and Safety training, etc.. We set these sessions up when we think there is a need for them or they are requested by our Scouting units.

Who should attend the Roundtable Meetings?

Roundtable meetings are held for ALL Scouters or for any adult that is interested in becoming involved in Scouting. The sessions are sometimes attended by youth who are in the Order of the Arrow, Venture Crews, Senior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Leaders.

NEW leaders are particularly encouraged to attend!