Why go to Summer Camp?

Harris Interactive recently completed an Outcomes Study on the impact of Boy Scout summer camp participation. 10,034 Scouts, 4,491 leaders and 5,299 parents from 106 Scout camps were surveyed. Scouts indicated that summer camp is more than just a place to have fun. It also offered scouts the opportunity to participate in physically and intellectually challenging activities, introduced them to new and rewarding experiences, and provided them with supportive and caring relationships.

This study infers that positive outcomes of Scout summer camp occur because the environment and activities in a camp incorporate all of the elements of healthy youth development.

Camping & Adventure Programs

Boy Scout Summer Camp

Boy Scout Summer Camp takes place at the Loud Thunder Scout Reservation, where boys enjoy hot summer days swimming in the pool, canoeing on Lake George, hiking through nature, and sitting around a blazing campfire at night.  Loud Thunder is a magical place year-round, but never more so than at Boy Scout Summer Camp!

Venture Crew Activities

The Venturing program is the fastest growing program in the Illowa Council. The Camping and High Adventure opportunities are endless. Some of the adventures our Crews went on were: Philmont treks, Whitewater Rafting trips,Yellowstone Backpacking trips,Wisconsin Rock Climbing Trips, Boundary Water Canoeing trip and much more. Venturing is a Coed Program for ages 14-21 and is run by the  youth leadership with adult advisors.