Lodge Executive Committee (LEC)

The Lodge Executive Committee is the group of people responsible for all aspects of lodge operation.  The LEC is the steering committee for the lodge.  It carries out the business of the lodge by planning and coordinating fellowship and induction weekends, service projects, training sessions, and other events as appropriate.  It consists of the elected youth officers, appointed youth committee chairman, chapter representatives, and adult advisors.

Supreme Chief of the Fire

Scout Executive - Tom McDermott

Lodge Key 3

Lodge Chief - Nathan McLaughlin

Lodge Adviser/Deputy Supreme Chief of the Fire - Michael Fries

Staff Adviser/Chief of the Fire - Zachary Beuthien

Lodge Officers/Advisers

Vice Chief of OA Affairs - Sean McAllister

Vice Chief of Scouting Affairs - Luke Bradburn

Secretary - Dylan Powell

Treasurer - Sam Maynard


OA Affairs Adviser - Casey Cox

Scouting Affairs Adviser -

Secretary Adviser - Curt Champion

Treasurer Adviser - William Buckley

Chapter Officers/Advisers

Moose Chapter (Kittan & Mesquakie Districts)

Moose Chapter Chief - Austin Mitchel

Moose Chapter Vice Chief -

Moose Chapter Adviser - Realff Ottesen

Hawk Chapter (Saukenuk & Hoover Districts)

Hawk Chapter Chief - Nick Rice

Hawk Chapter Vice Chief -

Hawk Chapter Adviser - Chris Fiedler

Buffalo Chapter (Inali District)

Buffalo Chapter Chief - Tre Blankenship

Buffalo Chapter Vice Chief -

Buffalo Chapter Adviser - Diane Walter

Lodge Committees

Ceremonies Committee Chair - Sean O'Melia

Ceremonies Committee Adviser -

Dance Committee Chair - Corey Cox

Dance Committee Adviser - Casey Cox

Drumming Committee Chair - Blake Hughes

Drumming Committee Adviser - Taylor Hicks

Elections Committee Chair - Nathaniel Hines

Elections Committee Adviser - Brian Shore

Elangomat Committee Chair - Ty Jones

Elangomat Committee Adviser - Brian Shore


Vigil Committee Chair - Noah Kelly

Vigil Committee Adviser - David Buckley