Sha-Bo-Na District Committee

The Sha-Bo-Na District Committee meets every second Tuesday of the month August through June
in the Basement Conference Room located in the Bondi Building 311 East Main Street, Galesburg
Our meeting starts promptly at 6:30pm and last approximately one hour   Map

Shawn Cantwell

Shawn Cantwell District Chair Email Gary
Home 309-342-2007
Mobile 309-368-1857

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Nancy McGowin District Finance Chair Email Chuck
Mobile 309-351-4743

Kathryn Kraft

Kathryn Kraft District Activities Chair Email Kathryn
Mobile 309-221-8509

Kurt Kraft

Kurt Kraft District Nominating Chair Email Kurt
Mobile 309-221-8506

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Ed Stoneking Training Chair Email Shawn

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Kraig McCluskie Camping Chair Email Kraig
Home 309-462-2085
Mobile 309-299-4176

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Terry Mauer Advancement Chair Email Terry
Home 309-289-2182
Barber Shop 309-289-6648

Mark Burton District Commissioner Email Mark
Mobile 309-371-7434

Missing Picture  Meredith Witherell Merit Badge Chair