Why Climb?

Climbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor sports in the nation!  Take on a steep obstacle such as an artificial wall, boulder, cliff, or mountain using your hands, feet, and specialized climbing equipment.  The adventure of climbing can provide a new way to enjoy the outdoors while pushing both your physical fitness and mental health.
The Illowa Council invites you to enhance your camping experience by participating in and utilizing our facilities and equipment. Get your Scouts involved in climbing!



Are you interested in providing a thrilling and beneficial program for your Scouts or for your Adult Leaders?

Illowa Council has a course for you to consider:

September 7-9, 2018

Climbing Instructor Training - 
A fun opportunity to learn techniques to keep your Scouts safe (for ages 16+).  Climbing can be a risky sport and requires focus and skill.  Instructors are taught proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized equipment for the safe completion of routes.  You will also become familiar with climbing tools and equipment, such as ropes, harnesses, carabiners, cams, and helmets that are used to create a safe climbing experience.

Check in at Camp Loud Thunder on Friday night.  Training will take place at Camp on Saturday, with a trip to the Mississippi Palisades on Sunday to wrap it up.  Lodging and meals provided.  Download the form for details about what to bring.

All participants MUST HAVE a completed BSA Health Record Parts A & B.

Check back for registration information.

Classes fill up fast! Don't miss this great opportunity to enhance your unit's outdoor challenges!

Click here to find out how to schedule the climbing course for your personal or business organization use.