Unit Tools

This section of our website is designed to give you, the Leaders, the tools you need to run a successful Unit, to grow your Unit, and to encourage excellence in your Unit's programs.

Advancement and Internet Advancement

  • Every Scouting activity moves boys toward three basic aims: character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness. Advancement is one of the eight methods used by Scout Leaders to help boys fulfill these aims.

  • Experiential learning is the key and comes from doing. Advancement should be a natural outcome of a well-rounded Unit program that provides Scouts an opportunity not just to read, listen or watch, but to practice. A rank or award is not the end of the learning process. Rushing a Scout through requirements to obtain a badge is not the goal.

  • Use the resources on this page to support your Scouting program in providing quality advancement techniques.

  • Internet Advancement provides a way for you to record youth member advancements online.  This page will walk you through the process.

Journey to Excellence

  • "Journey to Excellence" is the BSA's Council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and to measure the performance of our Units, Districts, and Councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.
  • This page offers tools to help your Unit, District, and Council be successful on this journey.


  • Tips for boy talks, resources for connecting with the community, and ways to use social media to your advantage are just a few of the tools you will find on the Membership page. It takes a minimum of seven connections with people before they respond to what you've got to offer.  Use this page to discover ways to connect with potential members.

Program Planning

  • Great program planning is key in keeping Scouts, families, and Leaders involved in and excited about Scouting. This page provides plenty of resources not only for effective planning, but for training, marketing, program updates, and even uniforms!


  • Each year the Chartered Organization for each Unit is required to turn in an updated roster, an agreement of understanding of responsibilities, and registration fees for each member of the Unit for the year.

  • This page provides information about items required when turning in the recharter and resources for using online rechartering.