Cub Scout Leader Recognition Awards


To recognize Cub Scout leaders who have completed training, tenure, and perfomance requirements. Levels available for Tiger Cub den leaders, Cub Scout den leaders, Webelos den leaders, Cubmasters, pack trainers, and Cub Scouters.

Who Can Earn This Award?

Earned by all Cub Scout leaders.

How to Get the Award

Six square knotsā€”one for each level, purchased at Scout shops.

Supply Item Description and Uniform Placement

Knots: Tiger Cub Den Leader Award, orange and black knot on gold, No. 17688; Cub Scout Den Leader Award, gold knot on blue, No. 5016; Cub Scouter Award, blue and gold knot on dark blue, No. 5017; Webelos Den Leader Award, gold knot on yellow, No. 5064; Cubmaster Award, blue knot on yellow, No. 5022; Pack Trainer Award, royal blue and bright yellow on yellow, No. 14233; worn above left pocket.

Supply/BIN Item No.

See above.

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