Cub Scouting Around the World

You meet and have fun in your neighborhood den and Cub Scout pack. Millions of other boys are also in Cub Scouting across the nation and around the world.

Your Den and Pack

Every Cub Scout is a member of a large group of boys called a pack. The pack has smaller groups called dens. Each den has about six to eight boys. All of the Cub Scouts in a den are about the same age and live in the same neighborhood.

Most of the things that Cub Scouts do happen in the pack and its dens. You have weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings. You also go to special events and activities with the members of your pack. You may take part in district and council activities as a member of your pack.

Across America and Beyond

Cub Scouting is bigger than your own pack. Cub Scouting is nationwide, with Cub Scout packs in every single state and in places overseas. Even in far-off places where only a few boys live, those boys can be in the program as Lone Cub Scouts. And so, you are part of something huge.

The last time we counted (in December 2004), there were almost two million Cub Scouts in more than 50,000 packs, helped by more than half a million adult leaders. And that's just the Cub Scouts who belong to the Boy Scouts of America. Countries around the world have similar programs. The World Organization of the Scout Movement says there are Scouting programs in almost every nation.