The Leaders' Library

Here is an overview of some of the key publications for Cub Scout leaders. All of these items, and many others, are available to you at your local council service center or wherever Scouting merchandise is sold. Visit to find a list of Scouting retailers in your area.

The Basics

Cub Scout Leader Book (No. 33221)

The Cub Scout Leader Book is a handbook for all adult leaders in Cub Scouting. Leaders will find information that will help them deliver a quality program for boys. The book is organized into six sections:

  1. Introduction: information on the BSA program, Cub Scouting purposes, character development, and family involvement
  2. Administration: guidelines on Cub Scouting policies, finances, uniforms, safety, and pack organization
  3. Boys: information on the Tiger Cub program, the Cub Scout program (Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts), the Webelos Scout program, Cub Scouts with disabilities, and managing boys
  4. Leaders: information on program planning, position descriptions, leader awards, training, and youth protection
  5. Activities: guidelines on the BSA Family program, Cub Scout Academics and Sports, outdoor activities, and Cub Scout camping
  6. Appendices: advancement forms, award applications, tour permit forms, and uniform inspection sheets

Cub Scout Leader How-To Book (No. 33832)

Used with Cub Scout Program Helps, the Webelos Leader Guide, and the Cub Scout Leader Book, this book will enable you to plan den and pack programs that will be fun for everyone. The Cub Scout Leader How-To Book answers countless questions, including:

  • How do I plan a skit for next month's pack meeting?
  • How do I find a new game that can be played indoors?
  • How do I make papier-mâché?
  • How do I plan the blue and gold banquet?
  • How do I help make my Cub Scout with special needs more successful?
  • How do I make pack meetings more upbeat?

Filled with games, tricks, puzzles, crafts, stunts, skits, puppets, Ethics in Action activities, and outdoor fun, this book will show you how to make your den and pack activities sparkle. And while boys are having fun, they will be learning, advancing in rank, and strengthening relationships with one another.

Webelos Leader Guide (No. 33853)

The Webelos Leader Guide supplements the Cub Scout Leader Book by providing activity ideas for den meetings, activity badges, advancement requirements, and Boy Scout transition activities. Different den program plans are also provided for leaders to use according to their unique situations.

Cub Scout Program Helps (No. 34304)

The annual Cub Scout Program Helps is such an important resource for Cub Scout leaders that it has often been called the foundation for successful Cub Scouting. This book provides a detailed, easy-to-follow program to assist leaders in planning meetings. For each month, you will find ...

  • Four weeks of theme-related Tiger Cub den meeting plans, including suggestions for great Go See It trips.
  • Four weeks of theme-related den meeting plans for Wolf and Bear Cub Scout dens. (Webelos den leaders will find similar den meeting plans in the Webelos Leader Guide.)
  • A complete plan for Cubmasters to provide an action-packed, theme-related pack meeting.
  • Games, songs, skits, and outdoor activities to keep boys interested and coming back for more.
  • Supportive resources for all leaders.

The current month and next month's program helps are available online.

Cub Scout Handbooks

Tiger Cub Handbook (No. 34713)
Wolf Handbook (No. 33450)
Bear Handbook (No. 33451)
Webelos Handbook (No. 33452)

These books are the handbooks for all Cub Scouts and their parents. The Tiger Cub (for boys who are 7 years old), Wolf (second grade or 8 years old), and Bear (third grade or 9 years old) handbooks are full of achievement and elective activities that Cub Scouts complete with their parents to earn advancement awards. The Webelos Handbook (fourth and fifth grades or 10 years old) includes the requirements Webelos Scouts complete to earn activity badges, the Webelos badge, and the Arrow of Light Award. All four books contain parent guides designed to assist parents in understanding Cub Scouting, along with detailed descriptions, illustrations, and step-by-step plans.


Cub Scouting's BSA Family Activity Book (No. 33012)

Filled with suggested activities to enhance personal development and enrich and strengthen the family, the BSA Family Activity Book contains suggested activities for a family to do together. These activities could include going on field trips; telling stories; doing arts and crafts projects; playing games; participating in family discussions; or making lists, charts, and scrapbooks.

Most of the ideas in this book will be especially useful during family meetings or gatherings. However, parents will also find ways to incorporate them into daily life. Many ideas may be adapted for use while riding in a car and during mealtimes, and may provide things to occupy children when they say there is "nothing to do." In short, parents may use the ideas and activities to meet their own family's needs and interests.

Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide (No. 34299)

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program is a supplemental enrichment program that complements the existing Cub Scout program. The Academics subjects and Sports activities allow boys to learn new techniques, increase scholarship skills, develop sportsmanship, and have fun. Boys participating in the program will be recognized for enjoying teamwork, developing physical fitness, and discovering and building new talents. The Academics and Sports program encourages a boy to do his best.

Group Meeting Sparklers (No. 33122)

Group Meeting Sparklers is a collection of cheers, applause, icebreakers, and gimmicks that will add energy and excitement to any gathering, whether you work with a pack, troop, post, crew, roundtable, or other adult training courses.

Sparklers can

  • Be adapted for pre-opening activities
  • Get meetings off to a good start
  • Add an element of surprise or excitement
  • Be converted to monthly Cub Scout themes
  • Add life and enthusiasm, when people get restless

Imagination and a little extra planning are all that are needed to make your meetings sparkle. The satisfaction you see in the faces of your audience will make it worthwhile.

Cub Scout Magic (No. 33210)

This book contains more than 200 stunts, tricks, and puzzles that Cub Scouts can perform.

Cub Scout Songbook (No. 33222)

AV-056 Cub Scout Songtime (audiotape)

Most people love to sing, and Cub Scouts are no exception. Singing builds den and pack spirit and enthusiasm and gives boys a chance to let off steam. The Cub Scout Songbook provides the lyrics and tune to hundreds of songs that reflect and reinforce the values of Scouting. Selected tunes can also be heard on the companion audiotape, No. AV-056.

Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Guidebook (No. 33721)

This book provides instructions for including Cub Scout derbies in your program. The pinewood derby, raingutter regatta, and space derby have long been a valuable part of the Cub Scout program. By participating in these events, Cub Scouts learn the craft skills necessary to make the racing vehicle, the value of fair play, and the importance of good sportsmanship.

Planning Guide

Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs (No. 33212)

Ceremonies are a key part of the Scouting experience. They provide meaningful and memorable highlights in a boy's Cub Scouting experience and help teach the ideals and goals of Scouting. This book teaches leaders the techniques of conducting compelling and memorable ceremonies, including openings, closings, advancement, graduation, and other special ceremonies that can make Scouting even more meaningful to youths and adults.

Cub Scout Leader Program Notebook (No. 26-001)

This notebook is designed for use by Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos den leaders; Cubmasters; all assistants; den leader coaches; and pack committee chairmen. They will find it a useful guide in planning and carrying out the den and pack program.

This pocket-sized notebook contains themes and Webelos activities that are planned to meet the qualifications of variety, action, and purpose. They cover the period from September through August. The Cub Scout Program Helps in Scouting magazine will amplify the program suggestions listed.

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines (No. 13-631)

This guide for volunteers and professionals who administer the Cub Scout outdoor program provides an overview of the outdoor program with references to other publications that provide more in-depth information.

Guide to Safe Scouting (No. 34416)

The purpose of the Guide to Safe Scouting is to prepare adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner. The policies and guidelines have been established because of the real need to protect members from known hazards that have been identified through eighty-plus years of experience. A copy of the Guide to Safe Scouting (which includes the Age-Appropriate Guidelines) is available online

Den Chief Handbook (No. 33211)

Primarily for den chiefs, the Den Chief Handbook is valuable to any member of a den leadership team. This book contains ideas, activities, and games that can add excitement and interest to den meeting programs. Also included is information that a Boy Scout can use to help him serve as a leader and role model to Cub Scouts.


Selecting Cub Scout Leadership (No. 13-500)

Since the leaders play a vital role in the success of the pack, the selection, recruitment, and appointment of qualified prospects is a critical step, second in importance only to training. This brochure provides a step-by-step plan for identifying, interviewing, and ultimately selecting the kinds of leaders who can help your pack thrive.

Join Cub Scouting! (

The "Join Cub Scouting" Web site is a national recruiting resource designed to promote the value of the Cub Scout program to boys, parents, and organizations across the country. By promoting this site, your pack can put the power of the Internet to work for you, and in return, the site will help your council put you in touch with prospective members in your area.

Pack Management

Pack Record Book (No. 33819)

This book has three major sections. The first section is where you keep pack records, and it has tools to help you with pack program planning. The second section is where you keep den records. It has space to record all pertinent data for a pack consisting of four Tiger Cub dens, eight Cub Scout dens, and four Webelos Scout dens, with up to 10 boys per den. Each den section has forms for recording family information, membership status, and advancement, and also has a roster of den leaders. The last major section is Finance. It includes an explanation of the responsibilities of the person who tracks and records the pack?s finances. It also has helpful guidelines for setting up and supervising a pack budget plan. Finally, it has pages for recording the pack?s income and expenditures for 12 months.

Cub Scouting Highlights (No. 13-513)

Updated annually, this brochure provides an overview of all the resources available to you as a Cub Scout leader, including literature, training opportunities, special programs, areas of emphasis, and other tools for success.

The current version of Cub Scouting Highlights is also available online.