Insignia Guide: Cub Scout Program Identification

U.S. flag emblem , cloth, red, white, and blue, No.00103, Cub Scout, Cub Scout leader, right sleeve, position 1. New uniforms have this emblem already sewn in the correct position.

Council shoulder emblem , cloth, No.16xxx (last three digits indicate the council number), Cub Scout and Cub Scout leader, left sleeve, position 1.

Unit number , cloth, white on red, Nos. 10400 through 10408 (last digit indicates the unit number for 0 through 8); for unit number 9, order No.10406. Cub Scout and Cub Scout leader, left sleeve, position 2, touching council shoulder emblem if veteran unit bar is not worn. Multiple-digit numbers may be special-ordered--2-digit, No.10409; 3-digit, No.10410; 4-digit, No.10411.

Lone Scout emblem , cloth, red and black on khaki, No.00352A, Lone Cub Scout, left sleeve, position 2.

Veteran unit bars , cloth, Cub Scout and Cub Scout leader, left sleeve, position 2a; 25 years, No.00133; 30 years, No.50006; 35 years, No.50007; 40 years, No.50008; 45 years, No.50009; 50 years, No.00105; 55 years, No.00194; 60 years, No.00195; 65 years, No.00196; 70 years, No.00197; 75 years, No.00107; 80 years, No.00198; 85 years, No.00138; 90 years, No.50010; 95 years, No. 50011; 100 years, No. 50012.

Unit number with veteran bar, cloth. Unit number with veteran bar embroidered above the numerals. Special order. Two-digit unit number, No.10412; 3-digit, 10413; 4-digit, 10414.

Den number , gold on blue, Nos. 10701 through 10724 (last two digits indicate the den number); Cub Scout, Webelos Scout, or den leader, right sleeve, position 2, immediately below and touching the U.S. flag.

Webelos den emblem, optional (see page 19).

Neckerchief slide , No.00800; Cub Scout, worn with Cub Scout neckerchiefs.

Neckerchief slide , No.00891; Webelos Scout, worn with Webelos Scout neckerchief.

Bolo tie , No.00830; Cub Scout leader, optional wear with open-collar shirt.

Shoulder loops , blue ribbon, No.00677, Cub Scout leader or Webelos Scout, on shoulder epaulets.

World Crest , cloth, No.00143, centered horizontally over left pocket and vertically between left shoulder seam and top of pocket. May be worn by all members of Scouting to symbolize their membership in the World Scouting movement.