Insignia Guide: Boy Scout Advancement

Arrow of Light Award, cloth, blue on khaki, No. 00044; metal, No. 00463; Boy Scout, below left pocket.
Boy Scout badge, cloth, brown on tan, No. 00415; metal, No. 00414; Boy Scout, left pocket.

Boy Scout, metal miniature pin, No. 00116, mother, civilian wear.
Tenderfoot rank, cloth, gold on tan, No. 00416; metal pin, No. 00010; Boy Scout, left pocket.

Tenderfoot, metal miniature pin, No. 00119, mother, civilian wear.
Second Class rank, cloth, gold on tan, No. 00417; metal pin, No. 00014; Boy Scout, left pocket.

Second Class, metal miniature pin, No. 00120, mother, civilian wear.
First Class rank, cloth, gold on tan, No. 00418; large standard metal pin, No. 00017; Boy Scout, left pocket; center front of campaign hat and expedition hat.

First Class, metal miniature pin, No. 00121, mother, civilian wear.
Star rank, cloth, gold on tan, No. 00419; metal pin, No. 00092; Boy Scout, left pocket.

Star, metal miniature pin, No. 00122, mother, civilian wear.
Life rank, cloth, gold and red on tan, No. 00420; metal pin, No. 00091; Boy Scout, left pocket.

Life, metal miniature pin, No. 00123, mother, civilian wear.
Eagle rank, cloth, silver, white, and blue on red, No. 00489, Boy Scout, left pocket. Adults wear square knot, No. 05011.
Eagle Award, silver medal suspended from scroll, No. 00135; sterling silver, No. 00112; Boy Scout. Adults wear only on formal Eagle occasions.
Eagle Palm, Bronze, No. 00335; Gold, No. 00336; Silver, No. 00337; Boy Scout and Scouter, worn only on the Eagle Award ribbon or Eagle square knot. You may wear only the proper combination of Palms for the number of merit badges you earn beyond Eagle. The Bronze Palm represents five merit badges; Gold, 10; and Silver, 15. For example, if you earn 10 merit badges and two Palms, you would wear only the Gold Palm. If you earn 20 merit badges and four Palms, you would wear a Silver and a Bronze Palm.
Eagle, metal miniature, No. 00124; sterling silver, No. 00024; tie tack, sterling silver, No. 00025. Boy Scout or his mother, civilian wear.

Eagle square knot, cloth, red, white, and blue on tan, No. 05011, Scouter, above left pocket. Boy Scouts wear Eagle rank, No. 00489.