Once again, the Illowa Council Hi Adventure Committee is sponsoring three treks (9 leaders and 27 scouts) for 2015.  The treks - from departure to return - cover a two-week period that encompasses a 4th of July on the trail.  We will travel by train from Galesburg, IL.  
Each of three treks, traveling different back-country itineraries, involve 1 day in base camp, 10 days on the trail and a final day at base camp.  Scouts must be 14 or older and pass a Boy Scout physical.

Registration forms for 2015 are available in the Scout Office in Davenport.  Youth and Trek Leader Applications are available through the links below.  Registration will require a completed application, registration form, and a $150, non-refundable check received at the Scout Office on a first-come, first-served basis.  Total cost will be approximately $1400.  The final deadline for making the initial payment to Philmont will be January 22, 2015.

There are several advantages to going on a Council-sponsored trek:

1.     Council obtains trek allocations MUCH more easily than a troop.  We don’t go through the lottery like Troops do; we get a straight allocation.

2.     By traveling together with 20 or more, we benefit from significant savings.  For this year’s treks, that amounted to $56 a ticket.

3.     If a Troop can’t fill up a three-person trek (12 people [9 or 10 boys, 2 or 3 leaders]), the council can fill in the remainder with other Scouts so that we maximize the Philmont experience.

4.     Council does a great deal of the organization, dealing with logistics and making group payments.

5.     With more Scouts signed up, the amount of scholarship money awarded by Philmont will be greater.




So Scout Leaders who want to sign up their own group, start talking up this opportunity NOW in your troop or crew meetings and contact Dan Moore - - for further questions.  

Youth Application
Trek Leader Application