Sea Scout Advancement

Apprentice badge of rank, black cloth, No. 04142; white cloth, No. 04145; Sea Scout, left pocket.
Able badge of rank, black cloth, No. 04140; white cloth, No. 04143; Sea Scout, left pocket.
Ordinary badge of rank, black cloth, No. 04141; white cloth, No. 04144; Sea Scout, left pocket.
Quartermaster badge of rank, black cloth, No. 04121; white cloth, No. 04122; Sea Scout, both sleeve cuffs. Adults wear square knot.
Small-boat handler bar, metal, No. 04052, Sea Scout, left pocket.
Qualified seaman bar, metal, No. 04053, Sea Scout, left pocket.
SEAL double-dolphin pin, metal, Sea Scout, left pocket, available only through the Venturing Division (restricted item).

Quartermaster Award, ribbon and pendant, No. 14119, Sea Scout, left pocket, (restricted item); patch, No. 04100, Sea Scout, left pocket; embroidered knot, blue on white, No. 05009, Scouter, above left pocket; miniature lapel pin, No. 04051, Sea Scout, civilian wear.